Patent Application

Patents are the licensed protection of an invention, which cannot be made, used or sold by anyone else. This invention must be a novel and inventive product, method or substance.

Anyone that performs the aforesaid actions without the authorisation of the patent owner, will be subjected to patent infringement laws.

Some countries may have various patent applications. For example, China has two kinds of patents, whereby each is designed to entail a different class of invention:

  • Invention Patent﹕any new technical solution relating to a product, process or improvement thereof.
  • Utility Model Patent: a new technical solution relating to the shape, the structure, or their combination, of a product, which is fit for practical use.

The Importance of Patent Applications

  • The patentee can be a sole supplier of the patented invention

  • A third party is permitted to use the patented invention for licensing fees.

The Advantages of Having a Patent

As our highly esteemed intellectual property agents are sure to explain, having a patent means keeping your inventions safe. A patentee is provided exclusive legal protection from the copy, manufacture or sale of their invention, whereby in the event of any of these activities, the patentee’s permission is lawfully required.

A patent also grants the patentee a pre-determined period, in which their invention is protected, also allowing them to even use their own invention. In addition to the protection of an invention, having a patent also enables an opportunity for greater business revenue as the patentee may also license their patent for others to use or sell.

Whether you’re an individual or a company in China, a patent application proves phenomenal advantages. To find out more about a patent application, speak to one of our intellectual property agents today. Alternatively, you can also fill out our simple online enquiry form here.

Country Patent Type Required Time Valid Period
Hong Kong Standard (1st stage) 3-6 Months 20 Years
Standard(2nd stage)
Short-term 8 Years
Design 25 Years
China Invention 30-36 Months 20 Years
Utility Model 12-18 Months 10 Years
Design 9-12 Months
U.S.A. Invention/ Utility Model 24-30 Months 20 Years
Design 10-12 Months 14 Years
E.U. Invention 36-48 Months 20 Years
Design 4-6 Months 25 Years
Japan Invention 24-30 Months 20 Years
Utility Model 8-12 Months 10 Years
Design 15-18 Months 20 Years
Korea Invention 30-36 Months 20 Years
Utility Model 12-18 Months 15 Years
Design 10-15 Months 20 Years

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